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Welcome To WalkPoland

WalkPoland Ltd is a consultancy offering itineraries and other services (eg where to stay, advice on city attractions, mountain guides, maps etc) for small groups of tourists interested in walking, cycling or horse riding in Poland.

Over the last four years, we have run group tours in the following Polish localities:

  • Lublin and the Roztocze National Park
  • Gdańsk and Mazurian Lakes
  • Warsaw and Mazovian countryside
  • Kraków and Bieszczady mountains
  • The Vistula River Renaissance towns

We believe that Poland is an exciting, new and largely undiscovered destination for the European and world traveller. The countryside has a multitude of walking paths in unspoiled landscapes and is rich in architecture and stories from European history. It is also adorned with amazing wild flowers, trees and mushrooms.

Of particular interest for hikers, WalkPoland has an excellent 7-day walk in three National Parks (Babia Góra, Gorce and Pieniny) in the mountains in the south of the country, easily accessible from Kraków. For those who have already explored the Tatry, these are unspoilt upland areas, with easy access from a 4-star country hotel.

All photographs on this website were taken on WalkPoland’s walks.
For further information please contact Ania on ania@walkpoland.com

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2015-12-20 15.56.43

Christmas in Gdansk

Today at dusk,  last Sunday before Christmas, all church bells tolling , inviting us back to the Long Market , the heart of this beautiful […]

View: Christmas in Gdansk

Autumn colours in Poland’s primeval forest.

Białowieża tours: go to: http://leisureforyou.eu/ Białowieża National Park is a great place for nature lovers. A unique opportunity to observe the natural processes, unseen anywhere […]

View: Autumn colours in Poland’s primeval forest.
2015-09-05 pkm

New Pomeranian Urban Railway opened

PKM or Pomeranian Urban Railway has just opened in Gdansk. This EU funded project, PKM ( Pomorska Kolej Metropolitalna) is linking Gdansk with its airport […]

View: New Pomeranian Urban Railway opened
2015-08-26 19.34.08

35 years of Solidarity

This weekend Gdansk and Poland will celebrate 35th anniversary of the birth of the independent trade union in Poland. Here in the Lenin Shipyard, on […]

View: 35 years of Solidarity

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I always imagined that all Europe was a crowded place. I was really surprised to experience the wilderness and beauty of Roztocze


Zamość and Lublin: brilliant hotels


Wonderful walking, unknown tracks, local guides


I had no idea about your rich culture and history


Would wish for a lighter diet at the beginning of the week

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